Matelote Recipe With Big Croûtons

Matelote Recipe With Big Croûtons


Matelote is something that Brillat-Savarin mentions in his book. It is not the most exciting soup that I have had, but it is good. This recipe needs more salt and pepper. I would use the sachet of Thomas Keller, or a traditional bouquet garni to add more flavor. The soup had more flavor after sitting overnight. I made the croûtons too quickly. I was canning jam before I made this soup. The next morning, I made them using traditional techniques. I made bread crumbs with the crusts of the bread. The lighter croutons are more exciting. To follow the advice of Thomas Keller, I will have to have 45 minutes to an hour to make croûtons. He fries them at low temperatures. Cooking the croûtons at low temperatures may cause the croûtons to contain more oil. I believe that the additional oil would make the croûtons very exciting.  People probably consume more oil while having a salad then they would consume while having these croûtons. I used enough oil to make the croûtons float. I am almost able to stand around the stove long enough to be entertained by rewarding myself by cooking at lower temperatures for longer amounts of time.

Note: 1) I added a link to a recipe for beurre manié


The Bread


Download The Recipes:

Matelote Recipe

Make a Beurre Manie



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