Learning To Fry Fish In A Steel Pan

Learning To Fry Fish In A Steel Pan




I became confused while frying these fish because oil was violently splattering outside the pan. One of the most important things to do before frying fish must be to remove as much water from the fish as possible, since the water will cause the oil to splatter. I am going to have to use paper towels and light pressure to remove water from the fish. The other most important thing to know might be that the fish will release from the pan as it browns.

These pieces of fish were fried in very hot oil heated over medium-high heat. The fillets were put in the pan once the oil started to make white smoke. The thick oil “shimmers” once it is hot and as “thin” as water. Fillets with skin may not stick to the pan. The fish should probably be turned over at the moment it is no longer stuck to the pan. A chef would serve this salmon recipe with the skin on the fillet. The recipe includes instructions for removing the scales from the fish, but I do not currently have a fish descaler.

The oil should probably be changed after cooking 2 fillets. The color of the oil appeared to change and the used oil seemed to smoke at low temperatures. I should have cooked the salmon for less amount of time since the fillets in the recipe were probably thicker than these fillets. Oil can stain the pan when using high heat. Be prepared to use cleanser to clean the pan.

Next Time: About 1 Minute And 30 Seconds On One Side, About 30 Seconds On The Other

Next Time: Dry The Fillets Very Well With Paper Towels And Bend Over While Using A Pallet Knife Or Something To Lift The Fillet Above The Pan To Observe The Skin Brown

Download The Recipe:

Crispy-Skinned Fillet of Atlantic Salmon


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