Whole Roasted Chicken On A Bed Of Root Vegetables Of Thomas Keller

Whole Roasted Chicken On A Bed Of Root Vegetables Of Thomas Keller


This recipe was very satisfying. The juices on roasted rutabaga were one of the most memorable flavors. I used a large air-chilled chicken. Thomas Keller recommends using small chickens when deep frying (because frying is not a good method for cooking large pieces of chicken). I found where locally produced meats are available where I live. These exciting sources have small, big, and young chickens. Everything was at room temperature before I prepared to roast everything.

I used a thermometer to observe the chicken cook. The breasts and the wings are white meat. The thighs and the legs are dark meat. Dark meat must be tougher since chickens cannot fly and since chickens use their legs to move. Resources on the internet explain that the dark color of the dark meat is created by a chemical called myoglobin [1][2]. As the meat cooks the color of the meat becomes less dark because the myoglobin changes (chemically). Dark meat may contain more nutrients [3].

The problem that people discuss when thinking about cooking chickens is that white and dark meat require different cooking times. The tougher dark meat requires more cooking time or possibly a hotter oven to cook in the same amount of time as white meat. Some people suggest that the back of the oven is hotter than the front. I am guessing that the average temperature is hotter because people open the door of the oven. Because dark meat cooks more quickly in a hotter oven, and since the back of the stove may be hotter, several resources that I have suggest that the problem can be solved. A chicken can be evenly cooked by putting the dark meat, legs and thighs, facing the back of the oven.

Thomas Keller removes a chicken from the oven at a lower temperature than I expected. I believe that he does this because carry over cooking appears to increase the temperature of the chicken to the desired temperature. His technique for trussing a chicken is very simple and exciting.

Preparing To Roast


Carry Over Cooking


Ready To Serve


Download The Recipe:

Whole Roasted Chicken on a Bed of Root Vegetables

1. Thomas Keller: ad hoc at home (New York: Artisan, 2009), 22.

2. Molly Stevens: All About Roasting (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2011), 5 – 49, 262.


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