Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment Continued 3

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment Continued 3





The next time might be the winner. I added a top to the pizza. This worked great. I used a recipe in a cookbook for making a thick crust that the author of the cookbook called a deep dish crust. I went to Giordano’s. Someone shared their techniques for making deep dish pizza in a video. I believe they use a thin crust to make their deep dish pizza. A deep dish in the book that I was using may be called a thick crust when it is compared with a Chicago deep dish pizza.

I liked Giordano’s pizza. Each part of the pizza was flavorful. A deep dish pizza at Giordano’s usually costs less than making a deep dish at home. Giordano’s uses a cake pan with sides that are about 2-inches. These type of pans are in French cookbooks and they are hard to find in the neighborhood where I live without spending a lot of money or using an online retailer of bakeware.

Making a salad is something very important to Chef Thomas Keller. He shares at least three things that people should know about making a salad: 1) he suggests that a salad can be more attractively coated with dressing if someone pours the dressing on the sides of a bowl before tossing the salad, 2) people should consider seasoning the salad, rather than adding salt and pepper to the dressing, 3) each bite of a salad should contain a piece of each ingredient in the salad. He has exciting vinaigrette recipes. If I remember correctly, red vinegar and sherry vinegar mixed with Dijon is his workhorse. He does not suggest using this dressing for salads with delicate flavors.

Notes: 1) click on the link to see a picture that gives an example of how to make a deep dish pizza made in a springform pan more attractive, probably trim the dough to leave a 1-inch boarder, snip the dough every 1 1/2-inches with scissors, roll the dough toward the pie to create the design, and brush the crust with oil at some point while it bakes, The Jacques Pépin’s Complete Techniques may have some information on how to make designs with bread



The Salad

The Pizza

Download The Recipes:

Category: Deep Dish

Category: Thin Crust

1. Thomas Keller: ad hoc at home (New York: Artisan, 2009), 132-135.


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