Searching For Recipes (By Looking At Pictures)

Searching For Recipes (By Looking At Pictures)

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Here are some visual notes on how I (desire to) search for recipes on the internet. I had a piece of quiche at a cheese store (while “searching for treasures”) that was soft and fluffy. Some people have the ability to find exciting recipes on the internet. I wondered if searching the internet might help me find a recipe. I like looking at pictures. Some people add flour and cream to their quiche. This appears to make the quiche firm. I started looking for pictures for a fluffy quiche with spinach when I found a recipe for Quiche Florentine. This recipe led me to a recipe that seemed simple and reliable. I have not compared the recipes. I want a simple filling and a flaky buttery crust. Looking at pictures made searching for recipes very exciting! I used this information to search for alambregorditas, and carnitas. It is almost Cinco de Mayo. Here are the pins that I made. Bloggers sometimes give people information that helps to complete the picture for an aspiring gastronome.

I use the information at the bottom about WordPress to check to determine if my blog posts correctly post on the WordPress website. This process is similar to debugging a program while programming, or debugging a webpage while creating a website. When I check to determine if my blog post appears in the categories I chose, I have the opportunity to observe people with similar interests. This process is usually very helpful and rewarding.

One time my blog posts did not appear. I corrected the problem by rescheduling my posts. This did not work reliably. I “fiddled” with the settings for a moment until my blog post reposted by changing the posting time. This can be used to schedule a post in the future. My dashboard address is Add /wp-admin/ to the end of your website address.

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Here is information about categories and tags that I put on my page Blogging Notes:

Category And Tags

After working to write an explanation on categories and tags, my only interesting observation is that there is no significant difference between categories and tags. Categories are different than tags because they are hierarchical and they appear in different places than tags in a blog post. When something cannot be conveniently nested under a top level category, a tag may be used to organize a blog post.

Categories vs. Tags

Why Aren’t My Posts Showing Up On The Topics Pages?

“If you use more than 15 tags and categories (total), your posts will not appear on tag pages (because you don’t want to see irrelevant content showing up there, and neither do we).”

“You are misusing the tags feature. If you’ve been regularly using the ‘knitting’ tag on posts about Britney’s latest scandal, your blog might have been excluded from tag pages for a while.”

Bing & Pinterest

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