Bean And Cheese Burritos With Guacamole And Sour Cream Or Fine Mexican Sauce

Bean And Cheese Burritos With Guacamole And Sour Cream Or Fine Mexican Sauce


I made these beans using my new techniques from Thomas Keller and Rancho Gordo. They add salt and aromatic vegetables to flavor the beans. These beans had so much flavor that I was excited. I put 3/4 tablespoon table salt in 8 cups (2 quarts) of water. and I put a white onion, 1/2 carrot, 2 deseeded jalapeños, a sachet, and a bouquet garni of cilantro in the water. In the future, I will probably put the cilantro in the sachet because it disintegrated. There were pieces of cilantro floating in the water.

The salt, herbs, and vegetables lose their flavor in the water, and the beans absorb the flavor. The vegetables are discarded because they have no flavor after being cooked for a long period of time. The flavor of these beans is great. I made gravy with the water from the beans. The flavor of beans was not improved by adding the gravy. I put half of the gravy I made on half of the beans. The gravy interfered with the experience of tasting the very exciting flavor and texture of the beans. I will probably not make the gravy in the future.

These burritos are very healthy and flavorful. The Fine Mexican Sauce that I made probably has just the right amount of flavor. Adding more chocolate might make the flavor of the sauce less interesting. The additional chocolate may eliminate the intensity of the other flavors. I will probably make the sauce with more chocolate soon, but this recipe is probably more exciting than the average mole recipe on the internet.

The Burritos




Cooking The Beans


Experimenting With Bean Gravy (Gravy Appears To Make The Flavor Of The Beans Less Exciting)



Making Guacamole




Download The Recipes:

Pinto Beans

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