Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday


Note: 1) warming the tacos in the oven makes them more exciting, probably for 5 minutes at 425°F/220°C, until the edges of the tacos start to brown

These tacos were great. I used refried beans because I wanted to use less meat. The taco spices were from Penzeys. Their “Bold Taco” spices contain milk. I wonder if this is my new technique for adding flavor to my savory meat recipes? I wonder if taco spices from the store contain lactose? These spices were very exciting. There were no bitter or disappointing flavors in the meat. I used cotija cheese and I replaced taco sauce with an exciting hot sauce. Since I was not making a sauce or stock, I did not brown the hamburger. Browning hamburger is different than cooking hamburger. If I browned the hamburger, there would be a glaze on the surface of the pan. To remove the glaze and bits of glazed meat, I would deglaze the pan. These tacos were simple and healthy. I served the tacos with achiote rice. I blended the remaining lettuce to make lettuce water for smoothies. Lately, I have been putting jalapenos in my smoothies. Eating Mexican food makes me happy!

Making The Tacos