Mexican Crema And Pupusas Made With Taco Spices

Mexican Crema And Pupusas Made With Taco Spices



Note: 1) the best pan for cooking pupusas is probably a cast iron pan, despite giving a pupusa an interesting appearance, constant medium-low heat appears to stain a steel pan, 2) my blog post Salvadoran Pupusas With Spicy Ragout has the instructions for making pupusas, 3) use cultured buttermilk, and do not use ultra-pasteurized cream

This recipe for Mexican crema is very exciting. The recipe uses lime and salt. It is in the cookbook Best Mexican Recipes: Kitchen-Tested Recipes Put the Real Flavors of Mexico Within Reach by America’s Test Kitchen. I made a lot of it for something I am going to make soon. The recipe is similar to the thick crème fraîche I made in my blog post Crème Fraîche 2. Thin cream fresh, or potentially Mexican crema, is made with more buttermilk than cream. This recipe for thick Mexican crema uses more cream than buttermilk.

Using spices in masa for tortillas or pupusas is exciting. Taco spices or fajita spices are usually inexpensive. These taco flavored pupusas were filled with cheddar cheese, smothered with beans, tomatoes with chilies, Mexican crema, and shredded cheddar cheese. The crema adds a refreshing flavor and a pleasant texture to these pupusas. Welcome to the fiesta!

Mexican Crema


Pupusas Made With Taco Spices



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Mexican Crema