Deep Dish Pizza Crust

Deep Dish Pizza Crust



I made this crust with all-purpose flour by making a slack dough. A slack dough is a soft and sticky dough that cannot be handled with hands until just before it is formed into a shape on a floured board. The slack dough permitted me to use higher gluten all-purpose flour to make a large thin crust. The soft dough was not very elastic. Dough is elastic when it resists being pushed into a large shape. Very elastic dough contracts similar to something made of rubber. I provide the weights and baker’s percentages in the recipe. Someone can use the baker’s percentages to determine how many pounds of water to use when making pizza crusts with 80 pounds of flour by multiplying the percentage of water in the recipe by 80. This was successful. Now I need to substitute the corn oil with butter to determine if the flavor is more appealing. There is enough dough to make the crusts smaller and a little thicker. I like the flavor of the crust made with corn oil. I will make another blog post that shows the method for baking blind pizza crusts and trimming the dough inside a springform pan.

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