Blind Baking A Deep Dish Pizza Crust

Blind Baking A Deep Dish Pizza Crust


Note: 1) there should be a picture showing that I moved the raw crust over the pan with a rolling pin, 2) the best cutting technique for trimming the dough was holding the knife 90° outside the pan, 3) increase the proportion of an ingredient by 25% by multiplying the weight of it by 1.25

My previous goal was to use a springform pan to make a deep dish pizza. I had to abandon the springform pan for now. My new goal is to make a normal deep dish pizza. This blog post shows how to blind bake something using Thomas Keller’s advice. He uses rice because the beans leave indentations in the crust. I do not have a picture, but I believe from my own experience that this is true.  I used parchment paper because Jacques Pépin uses paper in his book of cooking methods and techniques. I used a tape measure to measure the bottom and sides of the pan, and I added some length for having overhang.  I added 1 additional tablespoon of flour to this recipe. Substituting corn oil with butter created an exciting flavor. I am not going to make flaky or laminated dough for this particular recipe. I am going to increase the proportions of this recipe 25% to determine if I can make the crust thicker. If the crust is too thick, the crust will be chewy. A thick chewy crust may be exciting to feed to a hungry family or as a substitute for chicken noodle soup when someone is ill, but Chicago Deep Dish pizzas sold in public do not have thick chewy crusts.

Download The Recipe:

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Dough 3


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