Garlic-Cheddar Grits With Cajun Shrimp

Garlic-Cheddar Grits With Cajun Shrimp



The flavor of these grits was very exciting! The recipe for these grits is in D’Artagnan’s Glorious Game Cookbook. I used white cheddar from England. Many cheesy grits recipes use cheddar and parmesan. Baking the grits with eggs makes them light and fluffy. I used course grits that are also called polenta. The shrimp were sautéed in vegetable oil and butter. I used a pinch of salt and I covered them with Cajun seasonings while they were in the hot pan.

Download The Recipe:

Garlic-Cheddar Grits

Cheesy Grits

1. Ariane Daguin, George Faison, Joanna Pruess: D’Artagnan’s Glorious Game Cookbook (Boston: Little Brown And Company, 1999), 171.


3 thoughts on “Garlic-Cheddar Grits With Cajun Shrimp

  1. Hi there! Love your blog – you’ve got a lot of information here. And I love that you’re working the grits angle this week – great minds think alike 🙂 Thanks for liking my blog – Leftover Guru. I will look forward to reading more of your work.

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      1. Thanks! I’m trying to express my viewpoint about being intentional when cooking – so as to save time and money, and to make life more pleasant for yourself. I never cook something without having a plan for how the food will be used – maybe I’m making something just for tonight’s dinner and expect it all to be eaten, maybe I’m going to have it for dinner and then for lunch over the next several days, maybe I’m going to have it for dinner and then make something brand new from it on another occasion. I love devising ways to use “leftovers” (but I don’t think of them as “leftovers” so much as “ingredients”). I hope that I’m not doing the most obvious things – I strive to be creative and to offer variety. I notice that you do that too 🙂

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