Sate or satay is food from an Indonesian or Malasian culture. To make sate, marinated meat is usually barbecued on skewers. Sate can also be broiled. Penzeys gave me a free bottle of sate seasonings after I bought some spices. They are extremely generous. Every day they appear to have something to give to a customer. This simple recipe is from Le Cordon Bleu Complete Cooking Techniques. The recipe for the peanut sauce was adapted from a recipe online at Epicurious. The marinade includes the seasonings. Probably since there is lime in the marinated, and since lime contains acid, the texture of the chicken changes. Some people describe the texture as being mushy. Chicken breast meat is usually very firm. When making sate with chicken breasts, I thought that the texture created by the marinade was exciting. Reduce the amount of time that the chicken marinates to reduce the softening effect on the texture of the chicken by the marinade. These breasts marinated for about 24 hours.

Preparing The Marinade

Making The Peanut Sauce

Making Sate

Barbecuing And Serving The Sate

Download The Recipe:

Chicken Sate

Peanut Sauce


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