Argentinian Chicken Sandwiches On Thomas Keller’s Bâtards – Argentinian Chicken Sandwiches On Bastards – Made Spontaneously

Argentinian Chicken Sandwiches On Thomas Keller’s Bâtards – Argentinian Chicken Sandwiches On Bastards – Made Spontaneously


Note: 1) analyze a sauce using the idea of baker’s percentages; analyze using percentages, 2) another point in this blog post is that there is a fast method for shaping a loaf of bread with hands; there is a method for shaping a loaf that does not require a rolling pin

This was the best chicken sandwich that I have ever made. The recipe for the sandwich is from Tastemade Español, and the bread is from a recipe by Thomas Keller. Some of the recipes from Tastemade Español are by a man that travels in Patagonia, a mountainous region in South America and Argentina. He usually barbeques or cooks food in pans over fire. His style is spontaneous.

To make the sandwich, I put all the ingredients in a pile on the counter in the kitchen. The chicken was marinated in the juice of 1 lemon, adobo, and red pepper flakes. In a cast iron skillet, I sautéed onions and jalapenos with sugar. I made a sauce with equal parts of course mustard, Dijon mustard, and honey with Spanish paprika and cayenne. To make the sandwich as exciting as possible, I also put slices of tomatoes and slices of Fontina on the sandwich. A popular cultural style in Argentina is probably to be European in America. Studying French cooking techniques makes this style rational.

This is Thomas Keller’s master bread recipe. The recipe appears to use all of the advanced baking techniques for making bread that I have seen on the internet. I am excited to learn these techniques. Some people have to go to school to be introduced to these techniques. There are recipes and instructions at Fleischmann’s Bread World for making bread with advanced baking techniques.

This bread is exciting because it is soft but it appears as if it should be tough. This bread is perfect for making a European style sandwich. The flavor of the bread is very nutty. Thomas Keller might describe the flavor as being similar to hazelnuts. The flavor is primarily created by making a poolish. Using a poolish is a technique for fermenting yeast. This technique adds flavor to the bread and considerably reduces the amount of yeast that someone must use to make bread. This is exciting because yeast can be very expensive.

The recipe only uses about 4 cups of flour, despite having the appearance of being made with 6 or more cups of flour. I do not have a pizza stone and other baking tools required for making this bread using the exact instructions in the Bouchon Bakery cookbook. If I did have all of the things described in the book, I believe that the bread would have been completely browned on the outside. Browning bread adds more flavor and texture to the bread.



Making The Bread


Baking The Bread


Preparing To Make The Sandwiches

Making The Sandwiches

Download The Recipes:

Thomas Keller’s Bâtards (Recipe) (See Artisan French Baguettes At Fleischmann’s Bread World For Similar Instructions)

Thomas Keller’s Bâtards (Baker’s Percentages)

Sandwich de Pollo Deshuesado Asado [1][2]

1. Thomas Keller: Bouchon Bakery (New York: Artisan, 2012), 276-285.


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