Thomas Keller’s Chocolate Chunk And Chip Cookies

Thomas Keller’s Chocolate Chunk And Chip Cookies


Note: 1) I cannot suggest that someone use a cooling rack because the middles of cookies with huge puddles of chocolate will fall through rack

The flavor of the cookie dough was very exciting. The light flavor of molasses made this cookie dough my favorite. I wanted to put the cookie dough in ice cream. The puddles of chocolate are exciting. The browned parts of the cookies have great flavor. After several hours, the flavor of these cookies was incomparable, the best! The cookies had the flavor of melted butter, brown sugar, and rich chocolate. The texture was a combination of melted butter, crispy browned cookie dough, and pools of sticky chocolate. The cookies developed this flavor while resting for 8 hours in a gallon storage bag.

My grandmother seemed to always have cookies from the store in her cupboard. She usually had shortbread cookies from the Lorna Doone brand, Fig Newtons, and wedding cookies made by the Keebler Elf. Coconut macaroon cookies also appealed to my grandmother. Coconut cookies that are similar to chocolate chip cookies appealed to my mother. She created her own recipe. My father created his own sugar cookie recipe. Sometimes my mother gave us pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. My favorite cookie was a raisin filled cookie from a department store. There are recipes on Pinterest for raisin filled cookies. I should probably make some. They are probably thin sugar cookies filled with raisins in thick syrup.

Someone can probably start making a simple cookie recipe by mixing butter and sugar. This may be called creaming the butter and sugar. After mixing the butter and sugar, someone may add eggs, flour and leaven, baking powder or baking soda. These ingredients would probably make a sugar cookie. Thomas Keller’s chocolate chip cookies are made with butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, molasses, flour, salt, baking soda, and chocolate. The brown sugar and the molasses create an exciting flavor that made this dough my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough. Someone can find the baker’s percentages of their favorite cookie recipes to understand the proportions of the ingredients.

There are various types of baking chocolate at the grocery store. A store usually has unsweetened chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and white chocolate. Unsweetened chocolate contains 100% cacao [1][2], bittersweet chocolate contains about 70% cacao, and semi-sweet chocolate contains about 60% cacao. The remainder of a baking chocolate bar is mainly sugar or other ingredients. The other ingredients may include vanilla or emulsifiers. This means that a semi-sweet chocolate bar is 60% cacao and 40% sugar or other ingredients.

Thomas Keller suggested using French chocolate with 70% cacao. In America, someone can observe that Baker’s chocolate [1][2] with 70% cacao is bittersweet chocolate. I used Ghirardelli chocolate. Ghirardelli sells chocolate with 70% cacao as extra-bittersweet chocolate. I discovered this special product from Ghirardelli while on a treasure hunt at various different markets near where I live. I want to order Valrhona chocolate [1]. Some of the brands of chocolate the Thomas Keller uses cannot be shipped when the weather is hot because the chocolate will melt [1]. There is also chocolate from Columbia available where I live.

Download The Recipe:

Bouchon’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


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