Maintaining Cast Iron & Transit With Google Maps

Maintaining Cast Iron & Transit With Google Maps


Note: 1) use cleaning tools above but without using soap, and oil the pan after each use

Cleaning cast iron pans can ruin sponges and cloth. These tools make cleaning cast iron easy. The surface of new seasoned cast iron pan still appears rough, but some things do not stick to it. A new cast iron pan is exciting to use for making bread and things similar to corn tortillas. A new cast iron pan can be used to make a French omelet. My current goal is to have a cast iron pan that appears to be new; I currently want a cast iron pan without a thick smooth glaze on the surface of the pan.

THE RULES FOR USING CAST IRON ARE PROBABLY SIMILAR TO USING STEEL, NOT NON-STICK. This means that bread and meat will STICK to the pan until it is browned. After the food is browned, it will RELEASE from the pan. Cast iron appears to be related to steel, not non-stick, but oil and high temperatures do not stain cast iron. Iron does not conduct heat as well as copper. Using cast iron may permit someone to observe how an electric stove burner does not create heat evenly across the burner. Someday I plan on using a small inexpensive induction burner that I wrote about in my blog post Gadgets Make More Possible, Let’s Go Chopping.

The brush cleans a dirty cast iron pan quickly. The rough surface of cast iron ruins sponges and cloth. The stainless steel scouring pad removes a thick glaze from the surface of a cast iron pan. If someone disagrees with my technique, the pan will still be “brand new” and a person can work on developing a thick glaze over the surface of the pan. I usually put some oil on the pan before storing it in a cupboard. I use a silicone pastry brush to move the oil across the surface of the pan. I clean the pastry brush with a scrub brush. This requires very little effort in my current situation.

Some home improvement stores may sell these things, and other kitchen tools and gadgets inexpensively. I take a train to a home improvement store about 6 miles away from where I live. The “finding directions” application of Goggle maps may have transit information for many areas. The transit button may not appear to work on a computer or laptop, but the transit button appears to work on a computer or laptop where a person asks Google maps to find directions between locations. Using street view, I can walk around the places I plan on visiting. This helps eliminate the confusion I would experience while traveling. 1 gallon of Dawn dish soap is about $8. 1/2 gallon of Dawn dish soap at other stores is about $7. The cost for a brush from a popular brand is about $3 where I shop. This store also sells razors, shampoo, and body wash.

Google Maps Transit

Google Maps Transit 2


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