Deep Dish Pizza With A Sourdough Crust

Deep Dish Pizza With A Sourdough Crust


I have perfected the appearance of my deep dish pizza. This sourdough bread dough has the perfect texture for making a pizza crust. Sourdough pizza crusts may not be ideal for pizza because the flavor of the crust is very different, but the pizza was still very good. I believe that I should enter the test kitchen to finish my project. I baked this pizza in a cast iron pan in an oven with the stones and rocks from my blog post Basic French Bread Recipe Using Contemporary Techniques Inspired By Thomas Keller. I will also have to perfect the proportions of the ingredients in my pizza sauce. I put a note for my current proportions at the top of the recipe. From observing many recipes, an Italian pizza is made without curiosity. Italian tomatoes make a great sauce. The crust recipe may be made with flour with less gluten. I flavored my favorite crust with butter.

Download The Recipe:

Thomas Keller’s Sourdough Bread

Pizza Sauce


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