Blogging Notes

These are some notes. The information might change.

Information From WordPress

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WordPress Administration Webpage (put “/wp-admin” after the website name)


Webpages For Organizing Categories And Tags (put the website name after “taxonomies/category/” or “taxonomies/post_tag”)

Picture Of Settings Webpage

Category And Tags

After working to write an explanation on categories and tags, my only interesting observation is that there is no significant difference between categories and tags. Categories are different than tags because they are hierarchical and they appear in different places than tags in a blog post. When something cannot be conveniently nested under a top level category, a tag may be used to organize a blog post.

Categories vs. Tags

Why Aren’t My Posts Showing Up On The Topics Pages?

“If you use more than 15 tags and categories (total), your posts will not appear on tag pages (because you don’t want to see irrelevant content showing up there, and neither do we).”

“You are misusing the tags feature. If you’ve been regularly using the ‘knitting’ tag on posts about Britney’s latest scandal, your blog might have been excluded from tag pages for a while.”

Website Organization

I will use the organizational structure for presenting food topics listed in the table of contents of a book on the culinary arts to create categories. I may not always agree with the book. When I do not agree with the book, I will create my own categories.

Use The Operating System Narrator Or Microsoft Or Google Translation Websites To Improve The Ability To Proofread (Sometimes I use the Narrator with high voice settings. To force the Narrator to work consistently, I rapidly open new Notepad documents or I save Notepad documents until the Narrator reads the text. If the Narrator reads the title of the document after doing these things, the Narrator usually reads the document.)

Picture Of Narrator

Picture Of Narrator Help And Support

Windows 7 Accessibility Tutorials

How To Compress Images For The Web To Decrease Download Times And To Use Less Server Space (Changing The Dimensions Of An Image Can Be Automated By Writing A Console Program In C#)

How to Compress a Picture With Paint |

Changing The Dimension Of An Image Using C# Bitmap Resizeimage