List of Recipes

Large Saucepan

American Grocery Store Burrito


Avocado Chicken Burritos




Black Forest Soufflé

Blend ‘N Gel


Braised Leeks And Potatoes

Buttermilk Biscuits (Patted)

Cajun Soup

Cappuccino Experiment


Celery Root Purée

Cheese Puffs

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment Continued 1

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Experiment Continued 2

Chicken And Chorizo Paella With Roasted Red Peppers For The Slow Cooker

Chicken And Waffle Sandwich

Chicken Chile Verde

Chicken Consommé With Celeriac In Puff Pastry And A Chicken Salad Sandwich

Cincinnati Chili

Coq Au Vin

Cuban Black Bean Soup

Di Fara Style Pizza

Dirty Rice

Drying Fresh Herbs

Duck And Andouille Étouffée With Corn Cakes

Egg Salad Sandwich With Dill

Eggplant Experiment



Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

French Fries

French Omelet

French Omelet With Fine Herbs

Fresh Buttermilk Cheese

Frontier Lemonade

Gnocchi With Chili Pepper Ragú

Gummy Bears Experiment 1

Gyros On Freshly Baked Pita And Lemon Rice

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Hot Cocoa And Marshmallows


Instant Pot Beef Stew Of Budget Bytes With Buttermilk Biscuits


Knowing Sauce Is Important

Linguine With Pesto, Green Beans, And Potatoes (Pesto Genovese)

Marsala Chicken With Sage And Cremini Mushrooms

Marshmallows And Blox Of Fudge

Matzo – Homemade Unleavened Bread

Matzo Ball Soup

Mexican Beans And Cilantro Lime Rice

Mornay With Gorgonzola And Fresh Pasta Noodles

Moroccan Chicken Tajine With Couscous And Harissa


Oeufs En Cocotte – Baked Eggs In Cream

Old Glory Mold

Oolong Mellow

Pappardelle And Ragù

Polenta And Seared Chicken Breasts With White Wine And Lemon Juice

Potato Spirals

Preserved Lemons

Sabayon Snow

Salmon Wellington

Shrimp Puffs

Smoothie Recipes

Snap’s Pizza

Soup De Jour – Asian Chicken Noodle Soup, With Ham And Cheese Crescent Rolls

Spätzle With Sage And Cheese

Spicy Sesame Noodles

Strawberry Coulis And A Gelatin Mold Made With Strawberry Coulis

Sweat The Side Dish


Tamales À La Carte

Thai Iced Tea

The Genuine American Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Thick Tomato Sauce With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Tomato Sandwiches

Tomato Sauce With Roasted Red Bell Peppers


Variations On Couscous With Harissa Week 1

Variations On Couscous With Harissa Week 2

Variations On Couscous With Harissa Week 3

Variations On Couscous With Harissa Week 4

Vespa Pizza

Whipped Cream Experiments 1

Whole Wheat Pappardelle With Vegetable Ragout

Working With Gelatin 4 – Butterscotch Cheesecake

Working With Gelatin 5 – Whips And Frozen Gelatin

Working With Gelatin 6 – Mousse, Bean Salad, And Bouillon