The Perfect Testimony, Ideas From 2017

I am an American. Jesus is a central part of American culture. The Constitution of the United States of America mentions God. I do not believe that God is Vishnu or other gods. The Constitution and American culture suggest that God is the god of (the mythology of) Israel or Jacob, and Abraham. If someone is Jewish, they might believe that America is their country. If someone believes that Jesus is the Lord, they might believe that America is their country since Jesus is the son of God. The God of Zion is almighty. I fall to my knees because I am an American. The Lord gives everyone who believes in the Lord the opportunity to be a Jew, to be from the tribe of Judah, to be an Israelite; the Lord gives people freedom; the Lord leads people to the Promised Land. I know that God resurrected his son. I pray to the Lord. I would have to be a philosopher or lawyer to be moral if I did not have the Bible. Associating the rewards of God with the opportunity to know the law and to be moral is exciting. Associating food with the law and morality is exciting. I am an American. I live to fulfill my covenant with the Lord. I live to reward people. I share my knowledge of the Ministry of the Lord with everyone I know. Since God is reliable and because God has integrity, his Son will equitably rule the World forever. I have faith in the Lord. I believe that Jesus Christ will build something better than a house for the Holy Ark, something better than a temple. I believe that Jesus Christ will restore the glory of Israel; people will be given the opportunity to appreciate Israel as the home of our god; the famine will end.