Why Jesus Christ Had To Die, Ideas From 2017

According to the Law, the Lord redeems people that sacrifice animals at the Tabernacle. More attractive animals, more perfect animals, are more valuable sacrifices since, for example, they may be more flavorful or worth more money. People sacrifice their opportunity to be rich to please the Lord. The best sacrifice may be the most perfect sacrifice. If this is true, God is the best sacrifice because God is the most perfect thing that exists. Sacrificing God should redeem someone of all their imperfections and problems simultaneously. Preferably making them permanently incapable from being disobedient or immoral. Sacrificing Jesus Christ, the son of God, who may be the same as God, is an opportunity to restore “humanity” by making the ultimate sacrifice according to the laws of the Tabernacle. Once people are restored, wearing a bikini in public would be normal*. In fact, wearing less than a bikini would be normal. If Elijah** returned, since he never died, and since I do not believe that dead people in the Bible return to Earth, he might explain that Heaven is an Earthly paradise, similar to visiting a nude beach. I believe that God must have restored “humanity because people became too dysfunctional. God had to fix the economy to avoid bankruptcy (by using the Law). 1 Kings 13 is the first place where I remember reading that people will be sacrificed on the altar. This may be where the first evidence appears that the “innocence of Abraham” will be destroyed. Since God is perfect, this must be the most perfect solution. Jesus Christ is the Emperor of the Universe. I see the face of God when I look at Jesus Christ.

Note: No other sacrifices need to be made because Jesus Christ is equal to every sacrifice possible. No number of calves or bulls is more redeeming than the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Redeeming someone means something similar to permitting someone to live without suffering physically, psychologically, or socially for their sins; rescuing someone; forgiving someone. Jesus fulfilled the law because the law is no longer useful because there are no reasons to make sacrifices after the crucifixion or resurrection of Jesus Christ. Baptism may be a first step for making a covenant with Jesus Christ, the lamb of God.

Note: (song) The son of God… I was once obedient but now I fall on my knees… To pray… To tell the Lord that I believe that the Son of God was resurrected… People rejected God by rejecting his Son… Worship Jesus Christ to open the door to Heaven…. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law, the laws of the tabernacle, by redeeming everyone forever by being the perfect sacrifice… Jesus is the Lord… Only your faith can save you… Open the door to heaven… God is waiting for you…

* Before Adam and Eve sinned, they did not experience shame when they were naked (Genesis 2:25) (Genesis 3:7).

** Elijah is a prophet. A prophet in the Old Testament is someone that speaks for the Lord. Before Saul and David, the first Kings of Israel, prophets may have been judges who were the legal authorities of Israel. Elijah appears in the books of Kings. In 2 Kings 2:11, the Lord takes him to Heaven while he is living.